University of Nottingham Architecture Exhibition Prints

Below are a selection of photos of exhibition bays created and printed by students from the University of Nottingham.

Instead of writing a dissertation, the 3rd year architects instead have a large 2.4m x 2.4m exhibition bay, which they can use as a blank canvas to display their work from throughout the year. Usually this comprises of a combination ofĀ large format A2, A1, A0 or banner printing of theĀ plans, elevations, renders and concept art ofĀ the structure they’ve been working on. Often there will also be scale models and other physical and tactile elements to the display, along with a printed portfolio of their university work.

Full Bays

Close Ups

Digital ArtworkĀ Prints

If you’re a digital artist looking to make your creations come to life then get in touch. These are all photographs of finished prints, not the original digital artwork. All of this work has been created by local Nottingham student and artist Thesian “Thez” Smithen.