Acetate and Transparent Paper Printing Nottingham

Our acetate prints are printed onto a completely see through and transparent film media. This makes it excellent for creating multi layered effects with your work. Unlike tracing paper printing, which is only semi transparent in nature and needs to be flat against another layer to produce a transparency effect, the acetate media is more like glass, and is alway 100% transparent.

To highlight any ink printed on the media, it is highly recommended that you overlay it on some bright white media. This will emphasise the colours well and provide great contrast with the ink on the film. If you don’t lay it over another panel and say for example position it in a window, you will still see the colours, but they will appear slightly faded due the lack of contrast and complete translucency. However if the colours are strong enough this can produce some very interesting results. We have produced a number of prints in the past where these transparent acetate prints are then mounted in windows to create some very impressive stained glass window effects.

This is a very versatile media and has the potential to enable all sorts of creative projects to really stand out.


  • A0 Acetate Paper Printing
  • A1 Acetate Paper Printing
  • A2 Acetate Paper Printing

Custom sizes and banners available upon request. Please contact us for a quote.

Lead Time

  • Our transparent paper prints are usually printed within one business day, however same day and next day printing is available if you contact us directly.


  • Click and collect locally in Nottingham for free
  • Courier postage anywhere in the UK in a protective tube or box – £10