Our watercolour paper prints have been a favourite of student architects and artists for years here in Nottingham.

Our extra thick 350gsm watercolour paper is almost card like. It has a rich weight and heavy texture to it, with a slight off white colouring.

This makes it a popular luxury printing option for artists. The off white, and absorbent nature of the watercolour paper means it’s great for faded and pastel shades, however bold colours can still shine through.

The A2 and A1 watercolour prints are printed onto slightly oversized flat sheets. This makes them a popular choice for portfolio printing as they can usually printed without scaling, and the thick solid panels make it easy for examiners and potential employers to flick through. It also means they mount easily on walls or presentation boards.

These prints are a favourite of local artists, creatives and architects as the watercolour gives a great medium to work into further after the print such as painting with watercolour paint or adding additional hand drawn elements. It also gives a great textured background when examining the print very close up.

If you need a range of sizes larger than A1 or A2, such as custom banners, you may wish to instead consider our cartridge paper printing option. The cartridge is lighter in weight, but has a similar finish and is available in nearly any custom size you like.


  • A1 Watercolour Paper Printing
  • A2 Watercolour Paper Printing

If you want smaller sizes printed, we can nest multiple images on A2 or A1 sheets and trim them out before posting. Contact us directly if you have custom size requirements.

Print Time

  • Our watercolour paper prints are usually printed within two business days, however same day and next day printing is available if you contact us directly.


  • Click and collect locally in Nottingham for free
  • Courier postage anywhere in the UK in a protective tube or box – £10

Also known was watercolor paper printing for our American counterparts.