These prices are for students that print with us regularly throughout the year, such as architecture and product design students, as well as portfolio printing.

Visit our conference posters section if you want to order one off academic or professional presentation posters online.

Green rows are our favourites and recommended premium papers
Paper Type A3 A2 A1 A0 2A0
Matt Plain Paper
*NEW* 90g Matt Coated Paper – Draft £2.00 £4.00 £8.00  £16.00
90g Matt Coated Paper – Budget £3.00 £6.00 £12.00 £24.00
180g Matt Coated Paper – Standard £3.50 £7.00 £14.00 £28.00
230g Matt Coated Paper – Premium £4.00 £8.00 £16.00 £32.00
Heavy Photo Paper
260g Satin Photo Paper £4.50 £9.00 £18.00 £36.00
260g Gloss Photo Paper £4.50 £9.00 £18.00 £36.00
Cartridge Paper
*NEW* Draft Cartridge £4.00 £8.00 £20.00 £40.00
220g Cartridge Sheet £5.00 £10.00 See row below
200g Cartridge Roll £25.00 £50.00
Watercolour Paper 
*NEW* Draft Watercolour  £5.00 £10.00
350g Watercolour Sheet £6.00 £12.00
Bristol Board – Bright white matt flat card
*NEW* Draft Bristol Board  £4.00 £8.00
200g Bristol Board Sheet £5.00 £10.00
Acetate – Transparent Clear Film
180g Clear Film £9.00 £16.00 £30.00
Tracing Paper
Tracing Paper £5.00 £10.00  £20.00
Self Adhesive Banner – For internal & short term outdoor use
180g Polypropelene  £Call £5.00 £10.00 £20.00
Heavyweight Canvas
Unframed Canvas £10.00 £14.00 £20.00 £40.00
Stretched & Mounted £25.00 £35.00 £50.00 £90.00

We only use top of the line photographic quality HP Z-Series printers as used by commercial print shops, utilising advanced 8 & 12 ink photo printing systems combined with genuine HP Vivera inks.
Perfect for photos, graphics, renders, lines & fine art.

  • Banners are available in all paper types that have an A0 price.
  • Prints with solid black or dark solid backgrounds may be subject to a surcharge and require heavier paper to prevent the print cockling (wrinkling) or tearing when the ink is applied.
  • If there is anything that you are looking for that isn’t listed above or you have any questions feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • All prints except for cartridge sheets are printed on slightly oversized paper. Read more in our guide to print file preparation.
  • We can post prints using protective postal tubes.
  • Discounts available if you have a large amount to print and it’s a non-peak period.
  • ** Draft mode is a faster print mode which can be very useful when printing cartridge as it takes such a long time to print. Cartridge paper, watercolor paper and Cycle Sheets take more than twice as long as any other paper to print as they come in pre-cut flat sheets (as opposed to rolls) and each sheet must be hand loaded into the printer, hence the higher price. Draft mode can be handy if you would like to print onto these paper but only require CAD lines or light ink coverage. CAD lines still look sharp on draft mode.

    You can print solid block of ink on draft mode, but it’s not recommended as there may be banding (or lines) in the solid colour. Obviously this isn’t ideal for final presentation work or portfolio printing, but may be acceptable if you are presenting rough work or plan to work into the panel further after printing.

  • *A0 prices are also the cost per square meter for banners over 594mm wide (length can be generally up to approximately 3000mm or 3m).

    For example, to calculate the cost for a (600 x 2400mm) banner on 180g matt you would calculate the following:

    0.6m x 2.4m = 1.44 sq. m

    1 A0 = 1 square m = £12 on 180g matt

    So the banner costs 1.44 sq. m x £12 = £17.28

Draft Options

W have added a variety of new full colour draft options for certain papers. This choice is perfect for CAD, rough work, working in, and mock prints where colour accuracy and photo quality finish isn’t a priority and you want the work printed fast.

To take advantage of this new option you must prefix your relevant file names with DRAFT

eg: DRAFT_A1_90g_Panel1_Bill_Murray.jpg

We have also added a draft option for Cartridge, Watercolor & Bristol Board.

These options are great for CAD lines, mock work and panels that you wish to work into further by hand. Again, you must prepend each relevant filename with DRAFT in capital letters.

About the different paper types.

Coated vs Uncoated 
Our plain papers are all coated, this means that the paper has been primed with a bright white background specially to ensure the best colour print.

Our 90g coated paper is a perfect budget paper for CAD line drawings and panels with light ink coverage, lots of text or small images.

If you have lots of photographs or blocks of colour we recommend our standard paper, which is also the most popular, the 180g matt. This has a brighter wight coating, is more resistent to cockling (wrinkling) under heavy ink coverage and really makes colours stand out. Perferct for crits, presentations or your portfolio.

A thick paper with a slight texture and dull sheen, great for presentation graphics  and photographs.(recommended for conference posters).

A  thick paper with a high sheen, ideal for photos.

Cartridge paper
A thick, textured paper which has a slight hint of cream as opposed to being bright white. It is particularly well suited to line drawings and sketches but solid blocks of colours and photographic images also look great. These take more than twice as long to print as other prints, but the results are beatiful. It’s the perfect paper if you need to work into the print.

Ideal for overlaying drawings.

A heavy textured canvas which you can order loose or we can mount onto wooden frames for you, perfect for wall decorations.

Self Adhesive Polypropylene
This 220 micron / 180gsm self-adhesive polypropylene film is like a large sticker. It produces matt prints with excellent colour vibrancy for brilliant images. Tear-resistant and easy to handle, its strong adhesive ensures secure, reliable mounting. A non-PVC solution for internal and short-term external use. The coating has good scuff and water resistance and will last up to 1 month outdoors without lamination. With lamination it should be OK outdoors for 6 months.