Large Format Printing solutions for students and creatives in Nottingham during COVID-19

Just an update to let everybody know that we are still available 24/7 by appointment as usual, and continue to maintain a same day turnaround for large format student printing.

However, we understand that Universities are closed, along with some of the print rooms, and many people have gone back home at this time making it difficult to obtain large format prints, which can be frustrating if you need physical copies of site plans, or printed sheets to work into.

We are taking the guidelines for social distancing on board, and to facilitate this while keeping our print services available we are willing to print work uploaded to us remotely, you can pay online, then we’ll drop it off to campus free of charge this week.

Optionally, you can still upload files to us, then pay using our online payment system at and collect from the house.

If you don’t want to come inside, let us know when you’re collecting and we can leave your prints wrapped in sealed plastic in a safe spot outside.

For any off campus customers, we can deliver to your doorstep for a small charge depending on where you’re located.

As we are a small business with only two staff members on site, pose a low risk for people coming to collect in house. We are maintaining a sanitised set-up and are regularly thoroughly cleaning our print environment in order to keep the risk minimal.

Serif Affinity Nottingham

Lets Get Creative & Learn!

In the upcoming weeks many of us will have a lot of downtime at home. During that time we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to utilise that extra time to be creative and start (or finish!) that piece of art your working on, or finally figure out how to learn parts of the Adobe Suite or the Serif Suite to manipulate and edit your photos or create digital illustrations.

Affinity Serif are another local Nottingham company and currently make some incredible cross platform creative software for editing photos, drawing, creating illustrations and desktop publishing that compete with the likes of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Their software offerings are already very affordable and don’t require a subscription like their Adobe alternatives. As part of an effort to support the creative community they just today announced an extended 3 month trial for users of the Mac and Windows version of the whole Affinity Suite (up from 1 month), as well as a 50% discount for anyone purchasing the software.

We love supporting other local Nottingham companies, especially ones that enable us to create and share more cool artwork, so give them a go!

Not sure how to use the programs? No problem. They have a great knowledge base with guides for learning. Alternatively there’s a plethora of YouTube tutorials for all their software as well as some great video courses on, which is available for free for 30 days.

Affinity Photo Courses on

Affinity Designer Courses on

We hope everybody is well, stay safe and stay creative!

The Cycle Printworks Nottingham Team :)